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- Designing new cosmetics packaging solution for women on-the-go

- Establishing my own brand, including logo design, graphics application on the packaging and the contents that include in the kit


14 Weeks

Target Audience


- The target users are for traveling women who are around 20-30 years old

- The average duration of the trip is  2-7 days

Market Research


- Different brands have their own travel-size cosmetic products, however, there are few options to choose.


- Stores like Sephora and Ultra, they select products from different brands to provide options for travel bags.


- There are more skin care travel-size kit compared to the colored cosmetics one.

Existing Problems

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Organizing Issues

Products scatter on the table


Organizer has limitation


Tendency to put cosmetics products all together in one bag

Shopping Carts

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Size Matters

large portion of cosmetics products will be wasted and expired 


Tend to buy new products before    finishing current one


Large size means not easy for carrying around and traveling 

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Form Matters

Cosmetics products have various forms and sizes

Not easy to organize and pack up


Different brand, different style

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Travel Size Options

There is no exact a set of travel size products for users to choose


Limited options than full size cosmetics in the market

Trend Research


- Comforting and soothing colors can add warmth to the design and maintains contrast in a more relaxing way


- Transparent materials & tinted materials  can create colored shadows and embrace mood-enhancing experience through colors

5 Design Key Words

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