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Future At-Home Workout

Moving beyond senses



- FLEXFIT aims to provide an ultimate solution for at-home fitness. The goal is to create a new vision for people to feel capable and engaging when conducting at-home workout.


- Special thanks to Julie Tian, who helped me together developed UI interfaces.


12 Weeks

Market Overview During the Pandemic

Target Users

User Group Focus

- Beginner and entry level Millennial & GenZ who live in compact urban space and want to achieve their personal body goals

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Virtual Workout
& "Exergaming"

Trend Highlights

- 40% of respondents exercised at home for the first time because of COVID-19. During the quarantine, 74% of Americans used at least one fitness app.

- The video game industry is also incorporating fitness into their games by using body movement as the main controller. People can play by themselves, with friends, or strangers online to get in a fun workout.

Survey Takeaways


Key Takeaways

- Beginners or entry level people lack of proper fitness knowledge or guidance

- People want to feel encouraged during the process, especially for beginners, they want a proper guidance and want to see their improvements and growth along the way

- A connected experience helps them to further engage in the process


Value Proposition

Making people feel more capable and engaging when conducting at-home workout.

Ideation Development

Exploring different interaction that boost playfulness as well as supporting technologies for immersive experience.

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Smart Suit

EMG Sensors Placement

The sensors are located on each body part, from top to the bottom.

Haptic vibration will notify user when gestures are not correct. The sensors will keep vibrating until users get it right.

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Smart AR Goggle

Size Adjustment

Users can twist the knob to tighten or release the goggle.

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AR Experience

Information Architecture

Welcome & Intro Page

Key Features

For the first time users, the app will collect basic body information based on quick body tests results

The APP will also generate personalized workout plans for users based on the test results and their fitness goals

Onboarding / Home Page

Key Features

Users will be able to choose fitness games and workout with friends together

Each game comes with short practice tutorial, when users do the gestures incorrectly, the suit will track the movements and vibrates to notify users

Users will unlock achievements while playing the games, after each game ends, the suit will recollect and reanalyze users' body data

Key Wireframe

Interface Style Guide