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Your Ultimate Bucket Backpack For Exploring Marrakech



- TOPOLE SAC is the bucket backpack design for the existing Marrakech-based fashion brand Topolina.


- Inspired by the beauty of Marrakech, TOPOLE SAC is your good companion for exploring the city as well as revealing the cultural influence of the city with regard to the pattern design on the backpack.


4 Weeks


Marrakech - The Ochre City

Marrakech is a major city of the Kingdom of Morocco and the fourth largest city.

Today it is one of the busiest cities in Africa and serves as a major economic center and tourist destination.

Hues of yellow (gold) and blue (green) are common in Marrakesh.

Meanwhile, the city itself is also known as “The Ochre City” due to the wide use of the reddish terracotta color. The traditional patterns reveal the influence of Islam religion. They are very detailed as well as repetitive, creating a mesmerizing feeling for the viewers.

Super User


- Occupation: Blogger / Traveler / Influencer

- Currently living in Marrakesh, loving to explore the city and take adventures

What's In
The Bag?


- Keys / Purse / Sunglasses / Makeup Kits / Water Bottle / Notebook & Pen / Electronic Devices

Ideation Development

DJI Phone.1066.png

The transition.

a little bit of the surface transition gives more dynamic characteristic to the design

render texture-01.png

The texture.

The textures provides better gripping. Different finishes of the material also gives more contrast to its design language.

dji render-02.png

Sleek back design.

The design of the back resonate with current DJI products. The fading lines enhance its sleek look.

wk4 3dm2.1070.png

Multiple colorways.

There are more colorways for people to choose, which can fit people at different age groups, or different personalities.

wk4 3dm2.1071.png

The moment is in your hand.

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